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Why You Should Attend Job Fairs

These days, a lot of job seekers think that attending a job fair is too “old-fashioned.” With numerous Internet job listing sites and the rise of specialized job placement firms (like us!), going to a job fair might seem like something that isn’t as worthwhile as it used to be. We wholeheartedly disagree! Yes, many of these 21st Century means of finding a job are effective, but there are certain things you experience at a job fair that you can’t experience elsewhere. 

Here is why you need to attend job fairs.

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#1 – You Will Gain Confidence

Anytime you approach a potential employer, it’s natural for you to feel nerves. For a lot of people, this could very well be one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to do. When you go to a job fair, you will gain confidence you can’t get sitting at your computer or in the comfort of a personal job placement consultant. At a fair, you will overcome any nervousness you may have and practice how to present yourself. This will be invaluable as you move forward in the job search process.

#2 – You Will Get Used to Presenting Your Professional Side

Attending a job fair means you have to wear a professional outfit, shake hands, give out your resume, and more. This may sound obvious, but you need to get used to being in an environment like that which makes you stay on your toes and be professional. Even if you’re applying for jobs online, going to a job fair will be a great practice run for you in that nice suit you’ve got hanging in your closet. 

#3 – You Will Open Up Your Opportunities

Job fairs will let you connect with dozens of potential employers. This will let you learn about each company and what they’re looking for. As such, you give yourself the chance to see opportunities that didn’t seem obvious to you at first. This could land you a dream job that you never knew was out there! Furthermore, in meeting with hiring managers, you may find out about a position you didn’t see online. The possibilities are endless!

#4 – You Will Get to Network

There are few things more important than networking these days. If you can build up a good professional network, you will give yourself the chance to find a great job and find out about opportunities you weren’t initially aware of. Even if you don’t find a job right then and there at a career fair, you might meet someone who will be able to help you down the line.

#5 – You Will Practice Your Skills

Maybe the most important one on this list, going to a fair will let you practice your ability to meet new people, edit your resume, and more. Also, meeting with recruiters can be seen as minor job interview, meaning you’ll get to brush up on those skills, as well. Sure, you can acquire some of these skills online, but those lack the personal touch of being face to face with a potential employer. 

#6 – You Could Get a Job or Internship!

This is the main reason why you should attend a job fair! You get to meet hiring managers, hand out your resume, and possibly get an interview right then and there. Who knows, you might even land a job within a short period of time! The more times you go and contacts you make, the more chances you’ve given yourself to land a big job or internship. 

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