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Why Should You Use A Staffing Agency?

Is a Staffing Agency Really Worth It? Yes!

It can be hard for employers to find a qualified candidate to fill a job opening. Many employers might say the reason they can’t fill their position is due to a lack of good talent. At the same time, they may be hesitant to use a staffing agency, believing that it can be too cost prohibitive. When you think about it, however, the cost of having an inadequate new hire far outweighs what you’d have to pay an agency to find you the perfect employee. 

Finding someone to fill an open position means you have to write a job description, then post the listing, then sift through the multitude of applicants you’re invariably going to get. After that, you have to find which ones to interview, then interview them through multiple rounds, and find the right person. THEN, if you want to hire them, you have check their references, do a background check, and much more. This process can last for months!

Going with a staffing agency can be for full and part time positions—meaning you can handle whatever comes your way. 

Here are the reasons why you should use a staffing agency. 

Temp-to-hire offered full-time position through a staffing agency.

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#1 – It Reduces Costs

You might think working with a staffing agency is going to be expensive, but hiring an employee through can actually save your company a lot. The core business model of a staffing agency is finding the best candidate for a position. This happens through recruitment and screening, and analyzing a prospective hire to see if they’ll fit in with a certain company. 

Any agency worth its weight in salt will find you candidates quickly because they already have a pool of talent to work with. Because of this, agencies can leverage their network, which saves employers lots of time finding a new recruit. 

#2 – Greater Flexibility

If you go with an agency, you don’t have to go with the commitment of having a full-time employee. With an agency, you can “try before you buy” and hire an employee on a trial basis. If they perform well, then you can hire them. If not, then you just tell the agency you’d like someone else. Also, working with an agency means you can hire for seasonal changes. Are you busier during a certain time of year? Then you can have the agency set you up with a few extra part-timers at that time. 

#3 – Better Recruitment Reach

An agency can proactively find employees for you. Since they have an immense knowledge of the job market as a whole, they are also well-aware of talented prospects who, although currently employed, could be interested in a new opportunity if one comes up. 

#4 – Better Productivity

Hiring a temporary employee can help shoulder the burden of a staff at risk of burnout. As a result, this will lead your full-time employees to have a decreased chance of an overloaded schedule, which reduces the chance of major mistakes and decreased productivity (and, in some cases, increased absenteeism). Bringing on a few part-time hires can help your full-time staff focus on their main job and maintain their high level of productivity. 


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