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What to Consider While Job Searching During COVID-19

Be Mindful of How Job Searching Has Changed

COVID-19 (“COVID” from here on out) has changed the world and is causing stress for those both with jobs and without. We are located in California and the changes we have seen take place in our community have been dramatic. It may seem as though the entire world is closed, but as it always does, it’s found a way to keep going (which is inspirational!). 

Much attention has been rightly given to people who are concerned about their job, but we would like to focus more on those who were in the process of looking for a new job when the crisis began. 

Here are a few things you should be mindful of as we continue to deal with COVID.

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There isn’t a set playbook on what you’re supposed to do in these types of situations. COVID has truly changed the world. That being said, we have a few things that you should be mindful of as you continue your job search during these uncertain times. 

#1 — “This Too Shall Pass”

Like everyone else around the world, we are hoping that COVID will eventually die down and life will return to as it once was. Most employers we know are still moving on with their hiring process. During a crisis like this, it’s imperative that you remember that the world is still moving—albeit it in a different way. Don’t assume people aren’t hiring anymore, don’t delay sending out your resume or reaching out to employers. We actually think that those applicants who are most active during the COVID crisis with their job search endeavors will see the best results, as opposed to other applicants who use this as an excuse to quit or pause their search. 

#2 — Prepare for Digital Interviews

Because of social distancing, in-person interviews are being put on hold. So, you should be expecting phone interviews. Just like an in-person interview, this is going to be your first impression with a potential employer, so take it very seriously!

#3 — Use This Time to Better Yourself

Since you’re already home and possibly twiddling your thumbs looking for something to do, use that time to improve yourself. Brush up on some online skill courses to make you even more valuable to a potential employer. Many industries require certain skills or certifications for advanced jobs, so make sure you’re as attractive of an applicant as you can be. We live in a skills-based economy—when this is all over, you’ll have improved your skills and made yourself a better “catch” for a company. 

#4 — Edit Your Resume

Like our previous point, use this extra time to make yourself look as good as possible. Check out some of our earlier articles that talk about how to perfect your resume! You can find them on our main blog

#5 — Be Patient

We know this is tough and that nobody knows when this will end. But, staying patient and optimistic, while continuing on with your job search as best as possible can only serve to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need some extra help. This is an unprecedented event, but all of us will get through it. 

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