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4 Tips to Turn a Temp-to-Hire Job into a Full-Time Position

Are you a temporary worker looking to be offered a full-time position? Throughout our many years of experience, we at Human Bees have seen many of our temp-to-hire employees get hired on full-time. We have some tips to help you get the offer you’re hoping for!

But first, what does temp-to-hire mean? Temp-to-hire is when an employee is hired on a temporary basis with the chance of getting hired on full-time in the future.

In using the temp-to-hire staffing solution the employer is “testing the waters” of a potential hire before going through a formal process of hiring them as a full-time employee. Utilizing the temp-to-hire process gives employers flexibility when they are in search of the perfect employee.

Temp-to-hire offered full-time position through a staffing agency.

Human Bees has temporary staffing positions available in Technical, Clerical, Management, Built Environment, and Production and Manufacturing. We are prepared to meet an employer’s temporary workforce needs at a moment’s notice.

Here are four tips for turning your temp-to-hire position into a full-time opportunity.

Looking for temp-to-hire jobs? Human Bees is happy to help!

Go above and beyond the job description

Employers like to see initiative and growth potential in their employees. If you are looking to get hired on in a permanent capacity it’s important for you to demonstrate both of these qualities.

Once you have become comfortable with your expected job duties, you should continue to challenge yourself by taking on responsibilities outside of your job description.

You can be innovative and explore ways to improve your team’s projects or you can reach out to other teams to see if they need help with any of their projects. Be careful not to step on any toes, or to commit to more than you will be able to successfully manage. Take on responsibilities and tasks that you are comfortable and confident in doing.

Your employer will take notice when you have proven yourself to be an asset not only in your position, but as someone who is willing to go above and beyond to contribute in other areas as well. This initiative will go a long way in convincing your employer that you are the kind of team player that should be hired on permanently.

Get to know your company

Unfortunately, many temporary employees don’t take their job seriously because they assume they will be moving on to a new position quickly. Employers are looking to hire employees who are invested in and care about the mission and long-term goals of their company. So whatever position you take on, make sure to go the extra mile in demonstrating your interest in the organization as a whole.

As soon as you begin working for a company make an effort to learn as much about the company as you can. Getting to know the company’s history, key stakeholders, and mission shows your employer that you are genuinely interested in a future with this company.

Your immediate supervisor would be a great first stop when learning about the employer’s history and future plans. Ask questions, take notes, and contribute thoughts on how you believe you can play a role in the future success of the company.

Build relationships

On the first day of your temporary position you should begin developing relationships with your coworkers. First impressions are important, so put your best foot forward and demonstrate a warm and welcoming personality. Establish yourself as a team player by asking your coworkers if they need help with any of their projects. If you are looking to become a permanent part of the team it’s best to make it clear from the beginning that you are ready and willing to work collaboratively to get the job done.

Building relationships with your coworkers will create a comradery within your office and will create a cheering section for you when you are up for a permanent position. Once you have proven yourself to be an asset who works well with the rest of the team your coworkers will be your biggest advocates for permanent employment.

Even if you are not offered a permanent position, the relationships you develop will expand your professional network and reference list for future employment opportunities.

Let your employer know you’re interested in working permanently

When you first start your temporary position don’t hesitate to let your employer know that you are hoping to become a permanent employee at some point. Having this conversation is key, because it puts you on the employer’s radar as someone to consider when a permanent position becomes available. It also allows you to learn the steps necessary for you to be considered for a permanent position in the future.

Once you have expressed your interest in becoming a permanent employee, try not to press the issue too often. You don’t want to come off as demanding or aggressive when you’ve just started a position. Ultimately, your job performance and dedication to the company will be the best ways to demonstrate to your employer that you are deserving of a permanent offer.

Good luck!

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