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Pros and Cons of Direct Placement Hiring

Employees are an integral part of your organization and we at Human Bees are here to help you find the perfect fit for your team. We offer several options for employers who are looking to recruit the best candidates for their organization. We want to help you choose the right staffing option for a new or vacant position you are trying to fill.

Direct Placement is one of the more popular services we offer at Human Bees Recruit. Depending on your company and the position you are looking to fill, Direct Placement may be the answer to your hiring needs. Continue reading to learn about Direct Placement and whether this staffing solution is the right fit for your company.

Photo of a women accepting a direct placement job after her interview.

What is Direct Placement?

Direct Placement or Direct Hire staffing is when a staffing agency is involved in the hiring process for a full-time employee that becomes permanent. The hiring agency manages the job posting, recruiting, and vetting of potential candidates.

Once the candidate is officially hired, he or she goes directly to the client’s payroll. They will receive benefits such as PTO, health, and retirement and will have the security of a permanent position.

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What are the Pros of Direct Placement?

There are several advantages for an employer who fills a position using Direct Placement recruiting through a staffing agency. First, a Direct Placement agency will have access to a larger and more qualified pool of applicants, including passive candidates that are at the top of their field.

Direct Placement through an agency also saves an employer time, because all job postings, candidate screenings, and initial interviews are handled by the staffing agency before any candidates are submitted to the employer. This saves your organization time and removes the stress of trying to find the perfect employee. Tel Human Bees what you are looking for and we will do all the leg work o finding your perfect employee while you focus on your day-to-day operations of your organization.

Employees that are hired through Direct Placement are more likely to feel secure in their position and dedicated to their employer because they have been hired on in a permanent capacity. This results in greater employee loyalty compared to a temporary employee who is aware that they may have to move on to another company in a short amount of time.

What are the Cons of Direct Placement?

Direct Placement Staffing is a great option for a lot of different open positions within your company, but we at Human Bees do not recommend going the Direct Placement route for new positions. When new positions are created, they might lack a definite framework and therefore may be a better fit for a temporary staffing solution, which allows an employer to test out the waters of a new position before hiring an employee permanently.

When is the right time to find a Direct Hire Placement?

A Direct Placement hire is most commonly used when an employer is looking to fill high-level positions within their company. In a tight job market it can be difficult to find quality candidates for these executive and middle management positions. That is where Human Bees and Direct Placement come in. We can help you recruit the best candidates for your open positions and we know that employees of this caliber will be more attracted to a Direct Placement job over a temporary opening.

Human Bees does the leg work so you don’t have to!

Human Bees is dedicated to recruiting the most qualified candidates in the job market. This dedication and our unparalleled results have made us one of the top recruiting firms in America. We know who the stars of your industry are and we would love to place them within your organization. To get the latest information on Human Bees and useful information on Staffing Solutions, visit our blog!

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