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Our Story

Our story began in 2010 when Dr. Geetesh Goyal, CEO, and Ranil Piyaratna, CFO, co-founded the life science consulting firm, Neozene. Working out of an office made from a spare room in Geetesh’s townhome, they mapped out a plan to create a company that delivered value to their clients by truly understanding their pain points and delivering the best solutions to alleviate them.

With early success on their side, they hired three employees and opened their first office in Fremont, CA. Geetesh had already experienced success touching dozens of companies from a staffing/staff-augmentation perspective and found that the simple model of “doing what you say” and “saying what you do” was almost a novel concept in the industry. By taking that model and combining it with 2.0 talent acquisition techniques Geetesh had acquired over the years, Ranil and Geetesh thought they were on to something special.

Using industry-wide best practices, as well as always conducting business with integrity and trust, the organization quickly took off. Neozene went on to scale its growth exponentially, moving to larger and larger offices over the next three years—first in Emeryville, then in Oakland. Over time, Neozene expanded its bench of high quality consultants and then transitioned into a full Clinical Research Organization(CRO), providing clinical trial support to the greater Biotech space.

In 2017, Geetesh met with some old colleagues in the Central Valley and realized the potential in the area. Geetesh and Ranil thought they could deliver the same concept of integrity-based staff augmentation for Central Valley pure placement staffing, not just the Life Science sector. They felt that using the same methodology of human capital delivery, but now applying it to a much wider audience base/marketplace, could be something very exciting.

This was a completely different line of business from what Neozene was doing, so Geetesh and Ranil decided to create a new company named Human Bees to service the light industrial staffing arena. As the company started to scale, the potential for growth in the sector was immediately realized and Neozene started to shift more and more of its resources towards it. The company quickly scaled to eight offices nationwide, servicing a client base of over 200 organizations within three short years. Due to the tremendous success of Human Bees and much of Neozene’s resources being put behind it, it only made sense to formally combine the companies into one main organization.

In 2020, Human Bees upgraded its services to address all arenas of staff augmentation; from manufacturing and light industrial staffing, to high level consulting. Our name was carefully chosen. As Geetesh likes to put it, “Human Bees—we’re sort of like human beings, but we just work a lot harder.” As an organization, we truly embody the teamwork and grit of bees. We felt there could be no better name.

The marketplace has responded well to our consultative model of staffing with integrity and trust at the core, which has created the true “win-win” scenario. Using this model, in three short years Human Bees is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and is on track to be ranked as the number 1 fastest growing company in America by the Inc 5000 in 2021!

Whether you are a potential new client, would like to be an employee directly, or are just “checking us out,” we appreciate you reading our story. We sincerely hope you will become one of the Bees and join the revolution. We’ll have the pleasure of working with you in some capacity soon!

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