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Agriculture & Food Production

Seasonal Staffing. Permanent Impact.

Providing a Skilled Workforce Where and When You Need It.

Keeping productivity high, staying current amidst rapid technological advancement, maintaining a fantastic safety record and limiting employee turnover are some of the many challenges faced by organizations in the production space. Your ability to meet those challenges will be directly tied to the agility of your workforce team.

From warehouse supervisors to food service managers, our comprehensive database of production & distribution experts will help your organization find its next great hire (or its next 100!). At Human Bees, we know the local talent pool and understand the unique needs of a highly seasonal industry.

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Real Solutions from Real People.


With the operational bandwidth and expertise to solve any of your staffing problems, just some of the operations and department we support include:

  • Operations & Plant Management
  • Engineering, Facility & Maintenance
  • R&D & Laboratory
  • Machine Operation
  • Sorting & Picking
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Fulfillment & Warehouse
  • Food & Cannery Production
  • Primary & Secondary Packaging

Need talent fast?

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Program Highlight: Reserve Contract Roster

When supporting large operations, the truth is a percentage of contract employees will not see the project through to completion. That’s why at Human Bees, we always build a reserve roster of candidates prepared to join your project when fall-off occurs.

Candidates that are selected for the reserve roster have gone through the formal recruiting process, met client compliance requirements, and committed to maintaining the flexibility to start within a few hours or even shorter notice. We communicate constantly with our reserve team to ensure they are ready to work when you need them.

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Morals. Ethics. Values. We will never compromise on Our Commitment.

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