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How Human Bees is Responding to COVID-19

To our Human Bees Employees, Clients and Partners:
Your health and safety has always been our priority, but during times like these, we would like to give you a brief update on how we’re responding to the crisis. 
Human Bees has been working diligently to help monitor and control the spread of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”). This is an unprecedented event and it is impacting our employees, clients, partners, and community. 
We are still going strong, but your health and safety remains our top priority and we have implemented strong measures to maintain them. The work we do is critical to our clients and we’re committed to being there when both they and our colleagues need us the most. We commend some of our clients who are on the frontlines producing large quantities of food to restock depleted and empty shelves, medicines where medicines are at all time lows domestically, medical equipment that is critical for testing, and many other essential supplies. We will continue to support you in this critical time for our nation. 
We will continue to update you on our response(s) to COVID-19 and we hope that all of you remain safe and healthy.

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