From the way we interact with clients down to the nitty-gritty of talent acquisition, our Hive has revolutionized how organizations make decisions and manage their human capital.  You could say we like to do things differently here at Human Bees. That’s what makes us so effective

Data-Driven Insights

Leveraging data is a game-changer. By tracking information and metrics that are key to your operations, you gain valuable insight into trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement. Our Hive harnesses the power of data so you can rapidly identify what does and does not work, making you incredibly agile. This means you can spend less time tracking your organization and more time tracking your ever-increasing ROI. 

Onsite Presence

Nobody likes a long-distance relationship. That’s why we like keeping an onsite presence with our clients. Through high-touch contractor management, we can mobilize quickly if the need arises while also leveraging our long-standing candidate and industry relationships.

Extensive Pre-Qualification

We don’t present a candidate until we’ve done our homework. Our in-depth candidate screening process goes far beyond a simple background check and cursory glance at their resume. We conduct a cultural and psychological assessment of each candidate to confirm that their motivations align with yours. If a candidate is a good match on paper, we then provide them with hands-on skill testing at our Hub. This ensures that they’ll be ready to go the moment they arrive at your organization. 

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If you need to grow, we’ll grow with you. In other words, we have the capability to build entire programs around the needs of our clients. Whether it’s FedEx, Penumbra, Medline, or Upstart, our Hive will rapidly adapt in order to make your dreams a reality. 

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