A Fortune 500 Subsidiary in the SaaS space partnered with Human Bees to revamp their recruitment processes, enhance performance tracking, and significantly scale their engineering recruiting operation to meet growing demands for tech talent within a highly competitive hiring market.

The client's engineering recruitment department faced challenges in streamlining their processes, tracking performance, and accommodating a steep increase in hiring goals. A lack of comprehensive metrics and visibility into the recruitment pipeline led to inefficiencies and missed opportunities with other vendors. The client aspired to enhance their recruitment outcomes by improving KPI monitoring and scaling their operation while maintaining high-quality hires.

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Human Bees undertook a comprehensive approach to transform the client’s engineering recruitment department:

  • Customized Project Dashboard: Human Bees developed a bespoke project dashboard that integrated weekly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This dashboard provided real-time insights into recruitment metrics, including candidate sourcing, interview conversion rates, and time-to-hire. The customized dashboard enabled stakeholders to make informed decisions swiftly.
  • Process Optimization: Human Bees analyzed the existing recruitment workflows and identified bottlenecks. By reengineering and optimizing these processes, the team ensured a streamlined, efficient, and candidate-centric recruitment journey.
  • Scalable Strategy: To meet the client’s ambitious scaling goals, Human Bees devised a scalable recruitment strategy. This included expanding sourcing channels, enhancing employer branding, and implementing targeted outreach programs to attract top engineering talent.
  • Talent Engagement Enhancement: Human Bees implemented personalized engagement strategies to foster stronger connections with potential candidates. This included tailored communication, highlighting the client’s innovative projects and company culture.



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Human Bees’ strategic approach led to remarkable outcomes within 12 months:

  • 5x Scaling: The client’s engineering recruiting operation expanded by fivefold, seamlessly accommodating increased hiring needs.
  • Performance Visibility: The customized project dashboard enabled real-time tracking of KPIs, enhancing decision-making and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Extended Offer Increase: The client witnessed a notable 55% increase in extended job offers over the same period, showcasing the improved efficiency of the recruitment process.
  • Enhanced Quality: Despite the rapid scaling, the quality of hires remained consistently high, underscoring the success of the tailored engagement strategies.
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By leveraging a combination of data-driven insights, process optimization, and personalized engagement strategies, Human Bees empowered the Fortune 500 company’s engineering recruitment department to thrive in a dynamic technology landscape. The successful partnership led to a 5x increase in recruitment capacity, a significant rise in extended job offers, and enhanced recruitment process visibility through a customized project dashboard. Experience the power of our strategic HR solutions in driving your organizational growth and success.