A world-leading contract
manufacturer providing
award-winning services within
the medical device,
automotive, and electronics
industries. Client business
operates twenty-four seven
between six facilities with
seven different shifts.

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Human Bees was hired on to identify, develop and solve reoccurring retention and contractor skill-set challenges between the existing four vendors. The client’s initiative was to centralize hiring to a primary strategic vendor to positively impact manufacturing production output.

All eligible contractors must pass or demonstrate the following

  • Pass aptitude assessment in Mechanical or Quality Disciplines
  • Multi-panel Drug and Background
  • Ability to lift-up to 50lbs
  • Mandatory Overtime including Weekend Availability



fill ratio within 24 hours
of client initial request

31 %

retention increase within
the first six months


Active Contractors

The client needed skill sets mostly to support the Automotive and Medical Device business units, requiring competency with pneumatic tools, hand tools, and the ability to follow manufacturing work instructions (MWIs).

Human Bees developed a client-specific delivery plan to support client operations. The objective was to fulfill all headcount requests with better skilled ontractors and mitigate turnover while meeting headcount request deadlines. The plan included robust sourcing strategies and a four-point vetting process. Human Bees Account Management identified and developed processes to streamline the interview process leading to a 38% increase in weekly hires to the client site. Human Bees operations team managed various active contractor reports and performance metrics to track trends, evaluate areas of development, and transparency to client Management on partnership ROI. Human Bees became the primary vendor in 2019 with an average of 96% of the account market share within the Production, Quality, Warehouse, Administrative, Sales, and Customer Service Departments.

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