Recently, our company was honored to be ranked #1 on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in America. We achieved this with an unfathomable growth rate of almost 50,000%. This was an accomplishment in and of itself, but what truly stands out to us is the fact that we are the first ever staffing company to claim the #1 spot.

Having accomplished something so unprecedented in our industry got us thinking about what it is about Human Bees that sets it apart from other staffing companies. In other words, as our CEO Geetesh Goyal would say, “what is our secret sauce?”

It mainly comes down to four things.

1. Our Hive’s Approach is Unlike Any Other
Tantamount to anything else, it is our team—our “Bee Hive,” as we like to call it—that has truly set us apart from the competition. Beyond the fact that our Hive is full of staffing experts, we use industry-wide best practices and always conduct business with integrity and trust.

One thing our Hive does that no other staffing companies do is focusing on making the point-of-contact for potential hires the best marketer and/or salesperson in the company. Many staffing companies run their recruitment through their HR department. With us, we recruit through a company’s sales and marketing team. Why? Recruiting is the most important form of sales and marketing in any company. This is because you’re selling the company to build the heart of your organization. As a result, it’s important that you have your best sales or marketing person to handle this job.

2. With Us, It’s Personal
When we recruit, we make sure that our job postings are personal and memorable. We never put out a posting that doesn’t reflect the personality of the company that’s hiring. Our Hive isn’t afraid to inject some charm and humor into recruiting—we like to keep things “real.”

It’s important to remember that applicants are not just a resume. They’re human beings who are deep, complicated, and vibrant with hopes, dreams, and distinct personalities. Because we put so much emphasis on appealing to the human side of an applicant, we show that our clients’ companies are so much more than just a place to show up and get a paycheck.

We know this sounds simple, but it works!

3. Referrals, Referrals, Referrals
Employee referrals are unimaginably important in the recruiting world. In spite of the fact that good talent tends to know other good talent, we encounter so many companies that ignore this or, at the very least, don’t do enough to leverage this.

With us, we’re not afraid to go door to door, office to office, and ask employees for names. More often than not, they will have someone in mind, so it’s good to take the initiative and discover the great talent they know.

Countless studies have shown that internal referrals are easily the best way a company can make hires. We lean heavily into this approach and it’s paid off.

4. We Work Fast
Our Hive is always buzzing at the speed of light to complete the hiring process. We firmly believe that a client has a maximum of six or seven business days from when a candidate hits the hiring manager’s inbox until that lead goes stale.

Whatever your hiring process is, we emphasize doing all of your interviewing, calling, referencing, background checking, etc. within that timeframe. Time kills all deals and you are 100% guaranteed to lose out on getting the best talent possible if you drag your feet.

We make sure our clients stay light and agile during the hiring process and it has given them an enormous competitive advantage.