By Geetesh Goyal, CEO, Human Bees

Dear Human Bees Community,

As we enjoy another holiday season, I find myself reflecting on both the year behind us and the one ahead.

2020 was a year full of challenges and change, and thanks to our loyal clients and dedicated staff, we persevered through 2021 while having the honor of being awarded the #1 spot on Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Company in America.

Although it was amazing to receive that accolade, there are no words that can describe how it feels every day to lead a company knowing we are building this vision together.

Being the fastest growing company in America is not without its challenges. Our team has experienced both wins and losses as we’ve learned what’s best for our company, clients, and staff. Through all of this, our team—our hive—has continued to stand by each other’s side and that is what matters the most..

I’d like to take a moment to say thank you, to reflect on the personal and professional challenges the year has brought, and to acknowledge what it means to be where we are today. We most certainly did not get here alone—a vision can only take you so far. You need people to believe in the vision and then drive the mission forward.

That is our team at Human Bees.

What’s most important is not the money or the recognition. It’s the people we meet along the way, who help us learn and grow as leaders, and who believe in what we’re doing.

In life, it’s easy to look around and compare yourself, your company, or your success to others. What’s not easy is looking at every challenge you face as a learning opportunity and overcoming them, while also remaining grateful every step of the way.

That’s how I feel every moment of every day: grateful. Grateful for our vision coming to life and becoming a buzzing hive of people. Grateful for you and our team. Grateful for family. Grateful for the ability to give back even more in 2022.

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season.

Geetesh Goyal