Dear Human Bees Community,

It is my immense honor to announce that we achieved the #1 ranking on the Inc. 5000 Nationals List last week!

This unbelievable achievement would have never been possible without the best team on the planet. We are the first staffing firm ever to receive the honor of being #1, so this is truly a historic moment for not only our company, but also the entire staffing industry at large. We achieved this with an unfathomable growth rate of nearly 50,000%. Hence, I could not be more proud of what our Hive has come together to achieve.

I would like to thank all of our clients who have continued to trust us with building the hearts of their organizations. Many of you have been with us since the very beginning—when we were completely unheard of—and your belief in us is one of the major reasons we’ve enjoyed so much success. Simply put, we would not be here without you, and you have now become an indelible part of our Bee Hive’s journey!

Although this achievement is impressive, the journey has only just begun. Our historic growth has proven just how underserved the greater staffing marketplace is. There are millions of other organizations out there that still need rescuing, are stuck in a tough spot, or not getting the essential talent they require. There are also millions of potential candidates out there who have the wrong job, feel overshadowed, or are looking without success for that “perfect fit” in a new organization. This has been and will always be our duty, owed to underserved candidates and organizations alike, to continue to forge our path forward and completely disrupt the staffing industry.

Again, I thank each and every one of you for helping Human Bees fly to heights never before reached by any staffing firm. I look forward to the upcoming years that will undoubtedly be the most exciting time in Human Bees trajectory.

Cheers to partnership, innovation, and above all else, persistence. We are just getting started!

Dr. Geetesh Goyal
CEO, Human Bees