With a new year comes new goals and desires. For some, it could be to lose weight and eat healthier. For others, it might involve spending more time doing what you love and finding a more positive headspace. For many of us, however, the new year can mean one very daunting thing: finding a new job and taking your career to the next level.

Many who end up getting a new job can find out pretty quickly that it may not have been the best job for them. Our goal is to make sure that you find something that aligns with your goals and helps you grow both personally and professionally. In other words, we want you to land a job that moves you forward, not backwards.

Nothing that makes us happier than people who are in the right job for them—one that makes them feel happy and fulfilled. But, how exactly can you find that professional happy place when looking for a job instead of falling into a rut?

1. Don’t stress about job qualifications when applying
We’ve all been there. You’ve found an awesome sounding job at a stellar company, but then you look at the qualifications. It says something like “Must have 7-10 years experience in this field,” but you’ve only got 5 years of experience. Game over, right? No way!

Just because you might be missing a qualification or two does not mean you should keep yourself from applying for it. Although you might be short of the mark in those areas, how do you know that you’re not way ahead of the pack in other areas? Make sure the employer knows about all of the things that make you incredible and there’s a decent chance they’ll overlook your perceived “shortcomings.”

There are so many things about you that make you amazing, so stick with your strengths and you may just surprise yourself!

2. Expand your horizons and check out jobs you may not have been interested in at first
Everybody has that specific job title in mind and you may very well be one of those people. Has this thought ever crossed your mind? “I only see myself as a _____ and nothing else.” If it has, you’re not alone. Many job seekers have that one title in mind and they immediately limit their search to finding just that title.

Herein lies the problem with that approach, though: in doing so, the job seeker has now eliminated countless other opportunities and may be pigeon-holing themselves and dramatically increasing the amount of time it will take to find a new job.

This year, tell yourself that you’re going to be a little more open-minded. Don’t limit yourself to one path because, who knows, there may be other jobs out there that you are perfect for, but you didn’t know about. Give yourself the opportunity to try something a little different and you may just end up finding the job of your dreams.

3. Don’t be afraid to work with a recruiter
Surprise surprise—a recruiting company is telling you to work with a recruiter. Before you roll your eyes, however, consider this: a recruiter has likely seen candidates similar to you in the past and probably knows exactly what it is they need to do in order to find you that perfect job.

When you work with a Human Bees recruiter, we take the time to discover each and every little thing about you that makes you such a spectacular candidate. From there, we’re able to determine which job (or jobs) is the right fit for you. Our team of recruiters have a robust network of hiring managers we can call on your behalf, meaning we’re able to cut through a lot of the initial minutiae of the job search process.

We take a very personal approach to job placement, meaning that your happiness is our happiness.

When working with a recruiter, they will learn all of the things about you that make you such a spectacular candidate. From there, they can determine what they believe is a good fit for you. Better yet, since a recruiter likely has a robust network of hiring managers they can contact on your behalf, there is a good chance you’ll be able to skip a lot of the initial minutiae of a job search.

So, not only can a recruiter find the perfect job for you, but they can even fast-forward the process of you landing it!


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