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Our Story

Our story began in 2010 when Dr. Geetesh Goyal, CEO, and Ranil Piyaratna, CFO, co-founded the life science consulting firm, Neozene. Working out of an office made from a spare room in Geetesh’s townhome, they mapped out a plan to create a company that delivered value to their clients by truly understanding their pain points and delivering the best solutions to alleviate them.

With early success on their side, they hired three employees and opened their first office in Fremont, CA. Geetesh had already experienced success touching dozens of companies from a staffing/staff-augmentation perspective and found that the simple model of “doing what you say” and “saying what you do” was almost a novel concept in the industry.

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Our Teams

For almost a decade, we’ve been building lasting professional relationships by
focusing on the one thing most staffing agencies operate without: trust.

What Makes a
Human Bee Fly Higher?

We know what it takes to grow an extraordinary organization.
That’s how we became the Fastest-Growing Private Company in America.

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Human Bees are hard-working and industrious. That’s why a Google life science subsidiary is outsourcing its software hiring to our Hive.

With infinite solutions come infinite levels of success. Our Bees have generated 8,600 (and counting) performance reports demonstrating soaring ROIs.

Egalitarian by nature, the Human Bee is socially-conscious. Through our DEI initiatives, companies have saved over $1.2 million in potential discrimination claims.

We’re multi-faceted and like to tackle problems from all angles. In fact, our end-to-end solutions increased one client’s operational efficiency by more than 600%.

It’s a symbol for completion, but we like to exceed expectations when it comes to our projects. For one medical device manufacturer, that resulted in a 350-person ramp tripling their production.

The Human Bee thinks abstractly and is always working for the good of the Hive. Just ask FedEx, whose exclusive staffing partnership with us broke its record for seasonal retention.

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