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A New Year of Hope. A Past Year of Reflection.

By Angela Murray
Human Bees Marketing Manager

About 6 months ago, I wrote an article about how our world had so quickly adapted to become a virtual world out of necessity of the pandemic.  Many facets of our world changed, how we interacted with others changed, how we were entertained changed.  It’s especially interesting to me personally how quickly the entertainment industry, music and arts, adapted – however all industries had to find new ways of doing business, new ways to attract customers, new ways to survive, and some, not only survived, but thrived!  

Many people can’t wait for 2020 to end. Every day I see a meme, receive a text, or hear someone say that 2020 doesn’t count. The end of 2020 won’t necessarily be the end of our virtual world, or an end to the new ways in which we interact with friends, family, businesses.  The end of 2020 signifies hope for the New Year, hope for a vaccine for the world, hope for some form of the world as we knew it to return.  Those things will happen, but our world will be forever changed.  However, some of the changes created out of necessity are not in my opinion negative changes—they’re positive.  

On a personal note, I reconnected with friends I hadn’t spoken to in years.  We began virtual movie nights, zoom calls, texts, and so much more – the slower pace of day-to-day life allowed me to reach out and take time to connect.  Some friends who were previously so busy I wouldn’t see them for many months suddenly had time to visit.  Our driveway became a sanctuary, a place to safely visit, and I will cherish the nights we spent visiting with friends and neighbors outside around the firepit.  I attended more theatre shows than I could before, discovered new musicians, saw new businesses that I would not have seen had they not been live streaming from various venues I’d not paid any attention to before.

We can’t deny the fact that 2020 was a year full of loss, pain, confusion, and hardship that we couldn’t have possibly imagined and all of us are eager to see that come to a close.  On the other hand, looking back, it was also a year of connection, discovery, invention, creativity, and adaptation.  I’m eager to see what 2021 will hold for our world. Personally, I hope to attend a music festival this year and dance under the summer sun, but I am not eager to return to the previous pace of life.  I want to continue my driveway visits, my virtual entertainment, the virtual movie nights (well, actually I hope to be able to do these in person eventually). 

Ultimately, I want balance.  The fun of the shared energy of a concert one night, and the relaxed pace of a driveway visit the next.  As we transition into 2021, let’s not forget about the things that are important in life, and those things haven’t changed, at least not in my world.

I’ll be spending New Year’s eve with my family, live streaming a play and some music along with a home cooked meal.  It won’t be anything like last New Year’s eve – and yet, I’m thankful.