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4 Industries Hiring During COVID-19

Opportunity is Still Out There!

COVID-19 continues to dominate the news cycle and raise important questions around health care and prevention. The spread of the virus has more recently caused the cancelation of many events and conferences, and many employers have asked their workforce to work from home. More troubling, a record number of people around the country have become unemployed. 

In spite of this, there is still opportunity out there and many industries are continuing to hire (or even seeing an increase in their hiring) during this crisis

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1. Pharmacies

Nothing is more important than health right. With 44% of Americans taking at least on prescription (as well as 17% taking three or more), pharmacies won’t be going away any time soon. With an major increase in prioritizing health lately, pharmacies and health companies are receiving a surge of needed support. 

Here are two companies who have plenty of new openings:

  • Walgreens: hiring 20,000 positions across its entire franchise. This includes pharmacy technicians, customer service associates and shift leads.
  • CVS: will hire 50,000 full-time, part-time and temporary employees. 


2. Teleworking Software

Telecommunication has always been on the rise—with a 44% increase in remote work over the past 5 years, this makes sense. Because so many people are now being forced to work from home due to social distancing, the need to teleworking software has skyrocketed. 

Here are some companies that are hiring:

  • Zoom has added openings on the majority of their teams including technical support, engineering, finance, and customer care.
  • Slack has hundreds of openings on their accounting, sales, and customer service teams.


3. Grocery stores

Grocery stores have always been important, but now they’ve been an unavoidable errand and, for many people, the only outing they can get during quarantine. Large grocery chains have reported an increased need to workers. Before you ignore this, just know that these positions aren’t just for baggers. Supermarkets needs people who can manage supply chain logistics, public relations, and software development. 

Here are some bigger grocers hiring:

  • Kroger: Announced over 10,000 positions for immediate hire.
  • Walmart:  Needs 150,000 workers. For quick hiring, they’ve streamlined the process from a standard two-week application process to 24 hours. 
  • Instacart: They do grocery pick-up and delivery. 300,000 roles were recently listed to fill. They’re mostly looking for shoppers and it’s a great way to support the sick or elderly and make an income. 


4. Tech Support

Because operations centers and physical call centers are closing, companies are needing people to still take customer and tech support calls. Combine this with the fact that remote work has skyrocketed, meaning more people need support with setting up and pairing devices or troubleshooting problems, the need for tech support is at an all-time high. 

  • announced they’re hiring for an unlimited number of remote support agents.  If you like providing customer support, you might want to give this a shot!


The key to remember here is that you can find a job even in these most difficult of times. Stay faithful and diligent in your search and look to industries you may not have originally considered. Don’t let a bad market ruin your career growth.

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